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Jetty may be downloaded as a distribution bundle, as a maven dependency, as an OSGI bundle, or installed via a Debian/RPM distribution.

Jetty@eclipse Download

  • Eclipse Downloads
    • Core Jetty Web Server (HTTP & Websocket)
    • Core Jetty Servlet Container
    • JNDI, JMX, OSGi, JASPI modules
    • HTTP Client
curl -o jetty-dist.tgz http://download.eclipse.org/jetty/7.0.1.v20091125/dist/jetty-distribution-7.0.1.v20091125.tar.gz
tar xfz jetty-dist.tgz
cd jetty-distribution-7.0.1.v20091125
java -jar start.jar

Jetty@codehaus Download

  • Codehaus Downloads:
    • Jetty with non-eclipse modules: JSP, spring, terracotta, openspaces, etc.
    • Hightide Application Server (Jetty WebServer plus EE features)
    • Jetty Maven plugin
    • debian, RPM distributions
    • Older jetty releases

Maven Repositories

OSGi Update Repositories

Linux Distributions