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Jetty/Reference/Web Profile

Web Profile for JEE6 and Jetty

Some or all of this content remains to be ported to Jetty 9 Documentation.
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Jetty-8.x implements aspects of the JEE6 specification. Most notably it implements the Servlet 3.0 specification.

With JEE6, the idea of a profile is introduced, which recognizes that many developers need only a subset of the technologies under the JEE umbrella. The Web Profile is the first profile, and specifies a subset of technologies that the JSR feels are commonly used by developers of web applications.

The following matrix depicts which Web Profile technologies are distributed with jetty-8.

Note that although some are omitted, jetty's pluggable architecture and the new Servlet 3.0 web fragments allow the developer to plug in implementations for the missing pieces as desired.

JSR id Name Included with Jetty
JSR 315 Servlet 3.0 x
JSR 314 JSF 2.0
JSR 245 JSP 2.2/EL 2.2 x
JSR 52 JSTL 1.2 x
JSR 45 Debug support x (via jsp)
JSR 299 Contexts, Dependency Injection
JSR 330 Dependency Injection for Java
JSR 316 Managed Beans
JSR 318 Enterprise Beans 3.1
JSR 317 Java Persistence API
JSR 250 Common Annotations x
JSR 907 JTA x
JSR 303 Bean validation