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Jetty/Reference/Start Options

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When running Jetty from the commandline, you can use the OPTIONS argument to specify which mode to run Jetty as. Here is a detailed breakdown of the various classpath entries pulled in for each mode you specify

Jetty Modes
Classpath Entries * All default Server ext resources server xml security servlet webapp deploy servlets rewrite jmx ajp slf4j jsp jsp-2.1 plus annotations client policy
/lib/ext/** X X X
/lib/jetty-ajp-*.jar X X
/lib/jetty-annotations-*.jar X X
/lib/jetty-annotations/** X X
/lib/jetty-client-*.jar X X
/lib/jetty-continuation-*.jar X X X X
/lib/jetty-deploy-*.jar X X X X
/lib-jetty-http-*.jar X X X X X