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Jetty/Howto/Upgrade from Jetty 6 to Jetty 7

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With the move to Eclipse, the Jetty 7 code base was refactored; this has several long-term benefits, but means that configuration files and code which use Jetty 6 classes must first be converted to Jetty 7. The jetty6to7 converter tool will help you convert your files. For classes no longer available on Jetty 7 (e.g org.mortbay.jetty.security.HashUserRealm), the tool will offer recommendations on how to proceed.


  1. Download the jetty6to7 converter tool (~19kb).
  2. Run:
java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar /path/to/your/files/or/dir 

The tool modifies your files; it does not create new copies.


Converting a single file

java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar src/main/config/jetty.xml

Converting multiple files and directories

java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar src/main/config/jetty.xml src/main/etc/jetty-env.xml src/main/java

Viewing available options

java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar

Converting with options

java -jar jetty6to7-1.0.jar -Dconversion.recursive=false src/main/java

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