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Jetty is decomposed into many Jars providing utilities, HTTP, server, client, servlets and many optional features. It can be difficult to track which Jars are required and their dependencies.

The Jetty Dependencies reference explains the Jetty Jar structure.


Using Start.jar

You can use the he individual Jetty Jars directly by constructing your own classpath, or you can use the start.jar utility to build a classpath.

Using Maven

During development, the maven build tool is ideal for accessing Jetty Jars and their dependencies.

Using Aggregate Jars

You can also use the aggregate Jars to reduce the number of Jars required.

When embedding Jetty in other applications, it might be inconvenient and/or verbose to include the many small Jars that comprise Jetty. The several aggregate Jars combine many smaller Jars into a single Jar.

Aggregate Jars are available as a Maven artifact under the org.eclipse.jetty.aggregate group ID.

The aggregate Jars available are:

  • jetty-all
  • jetty-all-server
  • jetty-client
  • jetty-plus
  • jetty-server
  • jetty-servlet
  • jetty-webapp

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