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Jetty/Howto/Deploy Web Applications

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Jetty can deploy web applications as war files (packed or unpacked), as provided or with overridden configuration, with static or hot deployment.


Webapps Deployment

The $JETTY_HOME/webapps directory is scanned at startup for webapplications to deploy:

  • The file foo.war will be deployed as a webapp at context /foo
  • The directory foo/ will be deployed at context /foo. If the directory has a WEB-INF subdirectory, it will be treated as servlet webapp, otherwise it will served only as static content.
  • If both a foo.war and a foo/ directory exists, then the one with the most recent last-modified date is used.
  • If the webapp is called root.war or the directory is called root/ then it will be deployed at the / context.

Webapp deployment was controlled the [WebAppDeployer] class. From 7.0.2 onwards this has been replaced by the [WebAppProvider] of the [DeploymentManager].

See also older (but mostly relevant) [Jetty-6 WebAppDeployer] documentation.

Contexts Deployment

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