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Jetty/HowTo/Using Jetty with Eclipse


You can use Jetty in a variety of ways when developing in Eclipse.

WTP Style Use

A problematic mechanism is the WTP style approach to webapp development. Under certain circumstances this works for certain people and if it does, great, enjoy. Here is a link to a Jetty WTP Plugin that Angelo Zerr contributed.

Embedded Use

The embedded approach is an often used mechanism for developing in Eclipse. This strategy involves writing a small main method that starts Jetty and deploys your servlets programmatically. You can control the starting and stopping of your webapp through normal runtime measures.

Testing Use

You can use Jetty with JUnit or the like, where in @Before and @After there is a starting and stopping of a Jetty server. This is a popular approach to developing in Eclipse, and one that we employ heavily. If you're interested in this approach, look through the unit tests for things like jetty-server and jetty-client for a wealth of examples. Also see the embedded-examples project for a number of simple examples in common usage scenarios.


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