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Configuring Jetty in JBoss

To build and run Jetty in JBoss, you need the following:

  1. JDK 1.4 (for JBoss 4.0.5) or JDK 1.5 (for JBoss 4.2.x) - what about JBoss 5 and 6 (released 12/28/10) and 7 (beta)?
  2. Maven 2.0.4 or later
  3. A JBoss installation
  4. JBoss-Jetty module in Jetty (this is in the Jetty-src, under contrib/jboss)

Note: It is not possible to build the Jetty-JBoss module with versions of JBoss prior to 4.0.5. For runtime compability, see the [#JBoss-matrix Compatibility Matrix] below. Some JBoss 4.0.x versions require jsp-2.0 to be used, as the JBoss web console application appears to be incompatible with jsp-2.1.

Building the Jetty-JBoss Module

After checking out the Jetty-JBoss module, go to the command line and cd to its home directory. Run:

 mvn -P[jdk1.4|jdk1.5] -Djboss.home=path-to-jboss -Djboss.version=jboss-version clean install


  • path-to-jboss is the location of your JBoss installation and jboss-version is the version number of your JBoss installation.
  • building with profile jdk1.4 includes jsp-2.0 in the SAR, and building with profile jdk1.5 includes jsp-2.1 instead.

Another way to build it is to edit the pom.xml. Edit the <properties> section and fill in the values for the <jboss.home> and <jboss.version> properties. Once you set these in the pom.xml, you can do the build with:

 mvn clean install

Installing the Jetty-JBoss Module

  1. Delete the Tomcat files. In JBoss 4.0.x, delete $JBOSS-HOME/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar; in JBoss 4.2.x, delete $JBOSS-HOME/server/default/deploy/jboss-web.deployer (or from whichever deployment directory you are using).
  2. Ensure you have built the Jetty-JBoss module in $jetty.home/modules/contrib/jetty-jboss
  3. Copy the $jetty.home/modules/contrib/jetty-jboss/target/jetty-JETTY-VERSION-jboss-JBOSS-VERSION.sar to your JBoss deploy directory (where JETTY-VERSION is the version of jetty you are using and JBOSS-VERSION is the version of JBoss).

Notice that the JBoss web-console refers to a Tomcat servlet; you might want to comment that out to make it usable. To do so, edit the $JBOSS-HOME/server/default/deploy/management/console-mgr.sar/web-console.war/WEB-INF/web.xml file and comment out this section:

<Souce lang="java">

    <servlet-name>Status Servlet</servlet-name>

    <servlet-name>Status Servlet</servlet-name>


Configuring the JettyJBoss Module

By default, Jetty is configured to:

  • have a thread pool containing a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 250 threads
  • a SelectChannelConnector on port 8080

This configuration is contained in the META-INF/jboss-service.xml file inside the SAR.

To change the port, add other types of connectors- [/display/JETTY/Ssl+Connector+Guide SSL], [/display/JETTY/Configuring+AJP13+Using+mod_jk AJP13] - configure a [/display/JETTY/Logging+Requests request log], or change the [/display/JETTY/Bounded+ThreadPool thread pool], you need to un-pack the SAR to a temporary directory, edit the META-INF/jboss-service.xml file, repack it and copy the modified SAR to the JBoss deploy directory.

Enabling Statistics

Edit the META-INF/jboss-service.xml file from the SAR (you need to unpack it first). Uncomment the following lines:

    <!-- Uncomment for statistics
       <New id="StatsHandler" class="org.eclipse.jetty.handler.StatisticsHandler">
        <Set name="handlers">
     <!-- Uncomment for statistics

Now re-jar the modified SAR. You can use the StatisticsHandlerMBean to retrieve the statistics using the JMX console.


Using jetty-7 there is an org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.StatisticsServlet that you can configure in the JBoss management webapps instead of the Tomcat org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.StatusServlet servlet.

Configuration note about Jetty-SAR and Struts Tiles usage

If you are using Struts Tiles for your web-application, you should probably edit webdefault.xml in the SAR and change dirAllowed to false. If you do not, when you try to insert a tile value (or override one) with an empty value, then Jetty will supply a directory listing for that tile.

Versions Matrix

Version compatibility matrix:

Jetty Version JBoss Version JVM Version
6.1.0 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.1 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.2 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.3 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.4 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.5 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.6 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.4
6.1.6 4.2.0.GA JDK 1.5
6.1.8 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.5
6.1.12rc2 4.2.3 GA JDK 1.5
6.1.17 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.5
6.1.18 4.0.5.GA JDK 1.5
6.1.21 4.2.3.GA JDK1.5

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