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Jetty/Feature/Deployment Bindings


Jetty provides capability to tap into the application lifecycle of the deployment manager. This is achieved with deployment bindings.


There are a handful of bindings that exist within the core distribution of jetty.

  • StandardDeployer
    • deploying
    • Standard binding that deals with deploying a webapp
  • StandardStarter
    • starting
    • Standard binding that deals with starting a webapp
  • StandardStopper
    • stopping
    • Standard binding that deals with stopping a webapp
  • StandardUndeployer
    • undeploying
    • Standard undeployer that deals with undeploying a webapp
  • DebugBinding
    • <any specified>
    • attaches a binding and prints logging information of a context going through the specified binding target
  • GlobalWebappConfigBinding
    • deploying
    • allows the user to override various settings of a webapp's context globally for all contexts

       <Call name="addLifeCycleBinding">
           <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.deploy.bindings.GlobalWebappConfigBinding" >
             <Set name="jettyXml">file://<Property name="jetty.home" default="." />/etc/global-webapp-context-config.xml</Set>

  • OrderedGroupBinding
    • <any specified>
    • allows the user to specific a specific order for bindings to process in a given binding target

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