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Jetty/Contributor/Contributing Patches

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How to contribute a patch to Jetty @ Eclipse.

Git Diff

The simplest way to contribute a patch is to make a modification to a cloned copy of jetty and then generate a diff between the two versions.

From the top level of the cloned project:

git diff > ######.patch

The hash marks should be the bugzilla issue that you will be attaching the issue to. All patches coming into jetty @ eclipse much come in through bugzilla for IP tracking purposes. Depending on the size of the patch the patch itself may be flagged as +iplog where it is subject to lawyer review and inclusion with our iplog from here to eternity. We are sorry we are unable to apply patches that we receive via email. So if you have the bugzilla issue created already just attach the issue and feel free to bug us on IRC to take a look. If there is no bugzilla issue yet, create one, make sure the patch is named appropriately and attach it.

When the developer reviews the patch and goes to apply it they will use:

git apply < ######.patch

If you want to be a nice person, test your patch on a clean clone to ensure that it applies cleanly. Nothing frustrated a developer quite like a patch that doesn't apply.

Git Format Patch

  • to be written *