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Source Control

Jetty uses a few of different development trunks for its artifacts.

Primary Interest SCMURLs

These are the URLs to the SVN repositories for the Jetty code. For people who are working on the Jetty project, as well as for people who are interested in examining or modifying the Jetty code for their own projects.

Build and Project Infrastructure SCMURLs

These are the URLs for Jetty-related code and metadata. These are not needed to use Jetty; these are primarily of use for people who are working with Jetty-the-project (as opposed to using Jetty-the-server in their own projects).

Administrative pom.xml file
Build related artifacts that release separately, common assembly descriptors, remote resources, etc.
Non-mainline project development, working area for experimentation, etc
Project definition for generating an eclipse p2 update site
Files associated with the development of Jetty -- code styles, formatting, etc.


Jetty uses Apache Maven 2.x for managing its build and primary project metadata.

Building Jetty should simply be a matter of changing into the relevant directory and executing the following commands:

 svn co http://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.jetty/jetty/trunk /my_work_dir/jetty
 cd /my_work_dir/jetty
 mvn install

All relevant dependencies will be downloaded into your local repository automatically.

Building with Eclipse

This section remains to be written, but is basically a matter of installing m2eclipse for an equivalent eclipse plugin and importing the maven project.