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Jetty/Contributor/Bug Tracking

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Jetty Bug Tracking

The Jetty @ eclipse project currently uses Bugzilla without any integration with SVN. Thus we need some degree of convention until we can automate the system:

  • Raise and track Jetty 6 bugs in JIRA @ codehaus.
  • Raise and track Jetty 7 bugs in Bugzilla @ eclipse using project "RT" and product "Jetty".
  • Handle Jetty 8 bugs the same as Jetty 7 bugs. Since we are regularly merging Jetty 7 with Jetty 8, there is no need to replicate Jetty 7 issues for Jetty 8.
  • Include the Bugzilla issue number in the VERSION.txt and commit messages for changes.
  • When you mark a Bugzilla issue as fixed, add the Git hash as a comment.