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== Code and Issues ==
== Code and Issues ==
* [[/Contributing Patches|Contributing Patches]]
* [[/Coding Standards|Coding Standards]]
* [[/Coding Standards|Coding Standards]]
* [[/Bug Tracking|Bug Tracking]]
* [[/Bug Tracking|Bug Tracking]]

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These documents are for developers who will be contributing to the Jetty project.


Developers and users alike are welcome to engage the jetty community. We all have day jobs here so don't just ask questions on irc and frustrated if no one answers right away. Stick around to hear an answer, one is likely coming at some point!

Mailing Lists

Join the mailing lists


Join IRC and chat with us (and others)

  • irc.freenode.org #jetty


We aggregate most every commit across Jetty7 and Jetty8 into one page through cia.vc to provide a single view of all activity going on commit wise across jetty. This page is updated at the bottom and top of the hour.

Code and Issues



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