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Jenkins is a continuous integration (CI) server used on Eclipse servers for Eclipse projects as part of the Common Build Infrastructure (CBI). Jenkins instances are maintained by the Eclipse Webmasters/Release Engineer.

Jenkins @ Eclipse (JIPP)

What's provided?

Each Eclipse Project has access to one Jenkins instance (JIPP), including the following:

  • (1) Jenkins instance, with (1) resources Base Pack (see below)
    • Membership-sponsored projects may allocate more resources (see below)
  • Digital signing Service: Java JAR, Java Cryptography Extensions, Windows Portable Executable with Microsoft Authenticode, macOS application bundles.
  • Packaging service: Apple Disk Image (.dmg), Linux Flatpak
  • Disk space: Ephemeral for builds, permanent for release builds.
  • Access to worldwide download mirrors

Additional Resource Packs

Each Eclipse Project has access to one Base pack for building. For some projects, that may not be enough. Projects sponsored by Eclipse Membership (via Project Lead) have additional Packs, based on membership level. These packs can be allocated to projects.

  • Some Packs are only available to Enterprise and Strategic members.
  • Enterprise and Strategic members can engage with the Foundation to acquire additional Packs.

CBI Resource Packs.png

Resource Packs Included in Membership

Eclipse Foundation Member Organizations have access to Resource Packs above the Base Pack that is allotted to each Project, based on their membership level.

CBI Resource Pack Assignments.png

Assigning Resource Packs to a Project

Resource Packs are assigned by Eclipse Members to Eclipse Projects they sponsor (Members have a Project Lead on the Project). Packs are assigned as a whole to a single project (i.e., can’t split Packs across multiple projects). A <ember can assign several packs to a single project.

To assign a pack to a project, please file a Bug.

Asking for Help

Requesting a JIPP instance

Please file a bug against Eclipse Foundation > Community > CI-Jenkins to request your project's own instance. Please ensure your project lead can +1 the request. Please specify if you wish to grant write access to your download or code repositories.

About write access
If your git repo is handled by Gerrit, granting write access to your code repositories is a different procedure, so you must ask specifically for it. If you don't use Gerrit, then granting write access to your download area automatically grants write access to your code repositories and vice-versa.

Security issues
There may be security issues related to using the Gerrit plugin and there may be security issues related to allowing the CI system to write directly to your code repos and downloads area. If you request plugins other than those available on the Shared instance, webmaster may not be able to help troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter with your instance.

Jenkins configuration and tools

  • Check CI best practices for general recommendations how to setup Jenkins.
  • Check the Eclipse CBI project for tools, configurations and other information.

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