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* [[JWT_Tutorial|Tutorial on how to use and extend JWT]]
* [[JWT_Tutorial|Tutorial on how to use and extend JWT]]
* [[JWT_SVN| Download the current source code of JWT]] and try the latest features
* [[JWT_SVN| Download the current source code of JWT]] and try the latest features
* [[Media:JWT_Release_Review_10.pdf| Release review slides of version 1.0.0]]
== JWT Community ==
== JWT Community ==

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[edit] Overview

JWT Website

JWT aims to provide both build-time and runtime generic tools for workflow engines. It is composed of several tools: the WE (Workflow Editor) to model the workflows and WAM (Workflow engine Administration and Monitoring tool) for monitoring and deployment. JWT also aims to provide generic APIs for defining and administrating business processes, in order to achieve said genericity. Addtionally, we will provide the user with several transformations: a user can start modeling his/her processes in BPMN, transform those to JWT, enrich them with technical details and then deploy them on a process engine. Therefore, we develop transformations from BPMN to JWT, from JWT to BPMN, from JWT to XPDL, from JWT to STP-IM, etc.

[edit] Get and use Java Workflow Tooling!

[edit] JWT Community

  • JWT Resources - Mailing list, newsgroup, original proposal and other sites
  • JWT Press - Public Presentations, conferences, press articles, blogs, forums
  • JWT Integrations - Solutions that integrate and extend JWT

[edit] JWT Developer Documentation

[edit] JWT Contributor Documentation

Other Development Resources :