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(JWT Installation and Usage Documentation)
(Resources concerning JWT)
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* [[JWT Meetings | Telcos and Meetings of JWT]]
* [[JWT Meetings | Telcos and Meetings of JWT]]
* [[JWT Brainstorming | Brainstorming]]
* [[JWT Brainstorming | Brainstorming]]
* [[JWT Release Engineering | Release Engineering]]
== Roadmap & Release engineering ==
== Roadmap & Release engineering ==

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JWT aims to provide both build-time and runtime generic tools for workflow engines. It is composed of several tools: the WE (Workflow Editor) to model the workflows and WAM (Workflow engine Administration and Monitoring tool) for monitoring and deployment. JWT also aims to provide generic APIs for defining and administrating business processes, in order to achieve said genericity. Addtionally, we will provide the user with several transformations: a user can start modeling his/her processes in BPMN, transform those to JWT, enrich them with technical details and then deploy them on a process engine. Therefore, we develop transformations from BPMN to JWT, from JWT to BPMN, from JWT to XPDL, from JWT to STP-IM, etc.

JWT Installation and Usage Documentation

JWT developer documentation

JWT Contributor Documentation

Resources concerning JWT

Roadmap & Release engineering

JWT Ramp-Down-Policy

JWT Releases and Roadmaps

Available releases

  • JWT WE available on CVS - as of 2007/10/16
  • JWT WE 0.4 : released on 2008/03/03. Release review slides : Release Review slides , approved on 2008/02/27.
  • JWT WE 0.5 "Stabilization and Openness" (improvements of WE and bugfixes, UI extensions) : released on 2008/10/29. Release review slides , approved on 2008/10/29.

Upcoming releases

  • 0.6 JWT for Vendors (EMF aspects, completeness and consistency of extensions, first transformations) - aiming at the start of 2009
  • 0.7 JWT for SOA (more transformations, runtime APIs in WAM, service search UI, service applications model) - Spring 2009
  • 1.0 JWT for Users (With comprehensive testing and documentation,and one or more advised target workflow engine working as well) - aiming at Galileo timeline (May/June 2009)

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