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JavaEE Perspective UIWG Walkthrough

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Java EE Perspective UI Walkthrough Eclipse UI Best Practices Working Group 10/15/2008


Discussion Topics

  • In this call we should discuss how to tune the Java EE perspective in a way that it is more efficient for both groups of first-time users and experienced users.

Discussion Notes from Walkthrough


We have decided to make some small steps in Galileo M3 towards improving the usability in the layout of the Java EE perspective:

  • Replace the Problems and Tasks view with the Markers view.
  • Introduce the Mylyn's Task List view stacked together with the Outline view.

Action items:

  • meeting minutes and update the bug (Kaloyan)
  • send usage report data statistics (Mik) - done: see comment in bug 238335].
  • collect usage screenshots by WTP users (Kaloyan)

Other thoughts

[This section added just to capture quick notes from the meeting, from others, that don't appear to be captured elsewhere ... they probably are, just not obvious, but to make sure not lost this is a good place to put them until it's confirmed they are captured elsewhere.]

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