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JarProcessor Options

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When processing a given jar, there 3 places that the jar processor looks for properties to control the processing:

  1. In the Jar's META-INF/eclipse.inf file
  2. If the jar is a nested jar, then in the containing jars' META-INF/eclipse.inf files.
  3. In the top level placed in the input zip or directory.

META-INF/eclipse.inf properties

The following properties are currently read from the eclipse.inf file:

Set an exclusion property to true to use it:

  • jarprocesor.exclude : Exclude this jar from all processing
  • jarprocessor.exclude.pack : Exclude this jar pack200
  • jarprocessor.exclude.sign : Exclude this jar from signing
  • jarprocessor.exclude.children : Exclude children of this jar from all processing
  • jarprocessor.exclude.children.pack : Exclude children of this jar from pack200
  • jarprocessor.exclude.children.sign : Exclude children of this jar from signing

Pack200 arguments properties are comma separated lists of arguments:

  • pack200.args: Arguments to pass to pack200 for this jar
  • pack200.default.args: Arguments to use for pack200 on any nested jars if they don't specify their own pack200.args.

The Jar Processor will also write the following properties to the eclipse.inf file:

  • pack200.conditioned: Indicates that this jar has been conditioned with pack200
  • pack200.args: The arguments that were passed to pack200 when conditioning this jar.

Notice that pack200.args is both input and output.

The following properties are understood from the file:

  • sign.excludes: A comma separated list of jar names to exclude from signing.
  • pack.excludes: A comma separated list of jar names to exclude from packing.

Both of the above properties over-ride anything in the eclipse.inf files. The full jar name must be specified (eg: org.eclipse.update.core_3.2.0.v20092006-1400.jar)

  • pack200.default.args: The default arguments to use with pack200. Values specified in the eclipse.inf files will over-ride this.

Other properties

By setting a vm system property "org.eclipse.update.jarprocessor.pack200" you can control which pack200 (or unpack200) command is used by the processing. Possible values are:

  • @jre : ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/pack200
  • @path : Use the first pack200 on the system search path
  • @none : Do not use pack200.
  • <directory> : The directory in which to find a pack200 command.

If this property is not set, the jar processor will look first in ${JAVA_HOME}\bin and then on the system search path.

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