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JakartaEE - MicroProfile - Community day

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EclipseCon Europe 2018 Community day

There is the Bürgersaal for 100+ people available

Proposed agenda:

  • Eclipse Foundation orientation for Jakarta EE - introduction to and explanations around Eclipse Foundation governance processes,
    • infrastructure, etc.
    • Introduce EF and its mission
    • IP / Trademark process
      • Intro to process, IP, governance - why do we do what we do?
      • How does trademark work? - how can we use Duke (he’s restricted ?)
    • Processes for Committer and contributors
      • How to become part of the community
    • Jakarta EE processes - what is new
      • What is a Working Group and its role?
      • What is Eclipse Specification Process?
      • What is new in TCK, TCK process?
      • What does open source mean for the TCK’s?
    • Eclipse Governance and Jakarta EE Roadshow
  • Meet the spec: short presentations on specific JakartaEE projects/specs
  • MicroProfile workshops featuring MP specs
  • Open meeting / Town Hall
    • Meeting focus - provide project status in a transparent environment to the community from members of Jakarta EE WG (PMC and other committees) and give community the opportunity to give input, feedback and ask questions

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