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Everyone should have a laptop for the workshop
Everyone should have a laptop for the workshop

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EclipseCon Europe 2018 Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Community Day

Event Details

When: October 22, 2018

Session Time Slot(s): 09:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:30

Where: EclipseCon Europe, Ludwigsburg, Germany

We have reserved Bürgersaal room for 100+ people.

Attendees will need to register for the Community Day.


(1) Eclipse Foundation orientation for Jakarta EE - introduction to and explanations around Eclipse Foundation governance processes, infrastructure, etc.

    • Introduce EF and its mission
    • IP process
    • Processes for Committer and contributors
    • Jakarta EE relevant processes - covering new Specification Process
    • Invite us for Eclipse Governance and Jakarta EE Roadshow

(2) Meet the spec: short presentations on specific Jakarta EE projects/specs2 Reach out to community members who would like to present the current status of a JSR and its transition to Jakarta EE related project (ee4j project) and its future direction Adopt a spec SmallRye - intro Jakarta community to be approached (abstract / entry for the talk)

So far we have

Rudy De Busscher <>

EE Security 1.0 With the introduction of the Java EE Security API in EE 8, it was no longer needed that applications are secured by performing some obscure process which was different for each application server. Instead, we have now a modern, fully portable, extendible and CDi based approach. This session gives a short preview of EE Security 1.0 and his history, before moving on to the new features which are planned in the next version. The target audience is everyone who has some basic knowledge of CDI and Servlets and is interested in securing a Web application.

Werner Keil <>


More to come

(3) MicroProfile hands-on tour

Everyone should have a laptop for the workshop

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