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JWT Upcoming Release

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This site contains information about the next release of JWT components.

Workflow Editor

General Information

  • The next release of the JWT Workflow Editor will be versioned as 0.5.0.
  • The currently planned release date is ?/2008
  • The release will consist of the following components:
    • Workflow Editor 0.5.0
    • Documentation Plugin 0.5.0
    • UML Activity View Plugin 0.5.0

Planned Features and Bugfixes

Implemented Major Changes

  • It is now possible to create customized views as plugins
  • The Editor now supports multiple property tabs
  • The Editor is compatible with Eclipse Ganymede
  • Outline view to outline view drag'n'drop support

Implemented Minor Changes

  • Paste inserts the objects from the clipboard with an offset and selects them
  • On inserting an element from palette, a feedback figure is displayed
  • The graphical elements now display a shadow
  • The display of several graphical elements was improved
  • The mouse position is displayed in the status bar
  • The connection router can be set in preferences
  • Antialiasing has been enabled
  • There are now much more color options available in the preferences
  • External actions are now also displayed in the context menu

Implemented Bugfixes

  • Cut/Copy/Paste will now work correctly
  • Undo/Redo will now work correctly
  • Load workflow from URL works
  • Saving processes outside the working directory is now possible
  • It is possible to rename elements that are not currently displayed in the graphical editor

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