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JWT Tutorial AgilPro

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This document shows how to execute (simulate or preview) a process model with the AgilPro Simulator. AgilPro is a partner project that is currently not available on Eclipse, but only on SourceForge. We aim to include many of the tools developed in AgilPro into Eclipse JWT. AgilPro and its components (such as the AgilPro Simulator which is described more in this document) can be downloaded from

Installing AgilPro

If you want to install AgilPro, you need to have at least Java 5.0 installed (version 1.6.0 of AgilPro won’t work with older versions). The latest version of AgilPro LiMo (which is an RCP variant of WE) and Simulator is available on SourceForge under Please find also more information and examples about AgilPro on

Please select the version of your operating system on SourceForge (Mac, Linux i386, PPC, i386 Windows, etc.) and start the installer (the .JAR-file) either with double clicking on it or (if this feature has been disabled on your PC) enter

java –jar AgilProSimulator-Installer-win32-x86_1.5.0.jar

This should start the installer (on a Windows PC) if Java 5.0 has been installed on your PC and can be found in the classpath.

If you experience any problems during the installation or usage of AgilPro, please don’t hesitate to contact

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