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(JWT mentions in the press)
(JWT mentions in the press)
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* [ Florian's blog] by JWT's co-lead
* [], english, 2008, compares some workflow modeling tools.
* [], english, 2008, compares some workflow modeling tools.

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JWT official presentations and publications

Please find here some resources about public presentations describing the ideas, components and vision of JWT.

Released or Accepted:

Planned :

Removed :

JWT mentions in the press

Articles :

  • "Why BPEL is not the holy grail for BPM" by Pierre Vigneras, from Bull's BPM Team. This article mentions JWT, showcases its UML representation and Augsburg U.'s BPEL generation for JWT.
  • "Choosing between Routing and Orchestration in an ESB" by Adrien Louis, Chief Product Architect of the PEtALS ESB and Marc Dutoo, Open Source architect at Open Wide and JWT co-lead. This article mentions how workflow and orchestration are meant to complete each other and how it is being addressed by new initiatives like the Process Virtual Machine (PVM) at runtime and JWT at devtime.



  • FedoraForum
    • A thread about installation issues
  • (French)

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