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JWT NewNoteworthy 1 2

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Overview about version 1.2

Eclipse 4 Support

JWT supports Eclipse 4.2 (though Eclipse 3.8 is still its primary platform). Eclipse 4 support status is summed up at #377748 .

TODO Eclipse 4 logo ??

SVG Export

Workflow models can be exported to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images. It is especially useful in Design phase for people who need more than a mere screenshot (allows edition in e.g. Adobe Illustrator to make logos, zoom on any part of image...).

TODO screenshot

Better UI Capabilities

JWT features can now all be enabled (default) and disabled using Eclipse Capabilities (UI Activities) #377565 :

TODO screenshot

Usage Bugfixes

  • Workflow model can now be saved just after enabling its Aspect model [#297221]
  • No more error in logs when dragging "Activity" elements in diagram editor [377647]