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JWT NewNoteworthy 0 6

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This document describes the New&Noteworthy of version 0.6 of JWT. Version 0.6 is shipped together with Galileo. As this is the first version of JWT that is shipped with a yearly release, we start explaining the ideas, motivation and goal for the project JWT, before we go into some more detail about the new features of version 0.6.

Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)

JWT is an Eclipse Technology sub-project founded in 2007. It's committers, contributors and mentors mostly come from France, Germany and the US with persons from OpenWide SA (France) and University of Augsburg (Germany) leading the project.

Goals of JWT

  • Support for workflow and business process modeling, deployment, execution and monitoring inside Eclipse
  • Provide a complete, flexible, interoperable and usable BPM toolkit
  • Set of generic and extensible plugins and APIs
  • Extensions allowing support for specific business representations, process language formats, process engines, service platforms, etc.
  • Targeting and supporting SOA in close collaboration with the Eclipse STP project

Components of JWT

  • Workflow Editor (WE): Create a graphical model of the process/workflow for discussion purposes, but also to enrich it with technical details to execute it afterwards
  • Transformations: Import existing models into JWT or generate code from JWT models
  • Desktop: Simulate and preview a modeled process
  • Workflow Administration and Monitoring (WAM): Deploy your workflow, specify users and administrators and monitor your workflow
  • Runtime: Provide support for runtime engines (process and workflow engines, etc.)