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JWT MultipleViews


What is needed?

  • jwt-we (view_multiple branch)
  • jwt-meta (in meta directory on CVS)

Support for Multiple View Data


  • Dimension & Location have been replaced by LayoutData
  • One GraphicalElement can have multiple LayoutDatas (one for each view)
  • LayoutData can be imported from another view or created using a layouting algorithm (from GEF Zest project)
  • Configurable behavior (in preferences) if viewdata is missing
  • LayoutData Wizard (button in toolbar next to view dropdown)


  • Syncronization of LayoutDatas between views (location in one view changes the location in other views)
  • Additional layout algorithms better suited for workflows ([1]), maybe replace Zest to remove dependence

Sourcing out Meta-Model


  • Core Meta Model sourced out in own plugin (jwt-meta)
  • Refactored View elements so that they reference the core elements but not the other way around
  • Adjusted templates/code, regenerated model(s), transferred manually adjusted code into new providers
  • ProviderRegistry allows to inject editor-specific properties (images, visibility, commands, model children) into the model
  • Commands split into core and view commands
  • Garbage collection executed on saving for removing unnecessary view data (References, ReferenceEdges, LayoutData)
  • Included new ATL based converter


  • Adjust other Plugins
  • Write transformation for old 0.5.0 files
  • Regenerate model to see if everything works
  • Remove GEF dependency from jwt-meta (affects CommandStack/Commands)
  • Find nice icon for wizard in toolbar
  • Adjust
  • Import changes from head


  • Handling of reference edges (creating, deleting, copying, reconnecting, ...)
  • Copy/Cut/Paste and Undo/Redo in different circumstances
  • Deleting (is everything deleted, do errors occur?)
  • LayoutData Wizard and multiple view data in general
  • Drag'n'Drop (Outline -> Outline, Outline -> Editor)
  • Insert Scope from Outline
  • Template import/export
  • Does everything work with multiple open editors (Singleton issues?)

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