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This document describes the Intelectual Property Log for the project Java Workflow Tooling according to the guidelines.


Committers of this project are

  • flautenba
  • csaad
  • mdutoo
  • mistria

Inactive are currently:

  • cseitz

Developer Contributions

  • component,bug_id,contributor's name,contribution,size,committer,short_desc
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201172,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,zoom in toolbar doesn't always work correctly
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201184,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,objects can only be added from the palette to the scope in the newest tab
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201187,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,insert new workflow into workspace if created with wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201190,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,convert sample processes to new format
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201191,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add shortcuts for actions
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201192,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,about action in plugin mode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201398,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,HTML documentation for workflows
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201400,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Datatype wizard in Data wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201555,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Package wizard needed
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202074,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,umlaut bug in guard creation
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202723,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,check if open tutorial still works
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202724,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change zoom-in/zoom-out shortcuts
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202748,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change icons to standard eclipse icons
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202749,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbachere,hide 'open file' entry in RCP mode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202754,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make guardspecifications readonly
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202755,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change menu/toolbar actionsets to command extension points
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203118,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,"if an editor is opened, the corresponding activity should be selected"
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203119,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,activitylinknode doesn't show in the context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203120,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,context menu entry 'open activity in current editor' should only be enabled if activity is not already loaded
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203121,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,disable guard description
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203133,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add additional functions to (rcp) toolbar
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203453,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard error handling
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203465,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,sometimes the image size icons in the property view is too big
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203476,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,rename activitylinknode and structuredactivitynode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203478,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add author to all files
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204382,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,only standard icons are shown
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204531,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,model snapshots
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204718,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,dispose graphical viewer when sheet is closed
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205153,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Item alignment help
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205157,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Roles stay in StructuredActivityNodes if changing from technical to business view
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205160,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Notification if trying to delete role in overview tab
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205559,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Content table for html documentation
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205813,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make first activity tab closable
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205836,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make sure print is only enabled when a process is selected
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206061,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in enabled state of context menu entries
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206162,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Make guard selectable
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206226,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in parameter passing to the simulator
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206230,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Readme for jwt-we-doc
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207238,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,File already exists message
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207239,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,"Toolbar only filled when opening existing file, not when creating a new one"
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207241,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Remove Wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207474,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,display an error message if the file cannot be opened
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207475,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard text wrapping
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207485,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Update to 1.4.0
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,210950,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Include pre-defined model structure
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211022,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Minor feature request for new role / data / application wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211023,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Automatically select icon folder in wizards
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211026,Annette Heym,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Improve new datatype wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211029,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Show path to file in overview page
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,213977,Florian Lautenbacher,24690 src lines,Florian Lautenbacher,Code contribution
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214665,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,NullPointerException in WEActionBarContributor
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214667,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,StackOverflowError in PluginProperties
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214899,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Hide open dialogs in plugin version
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215150,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,create mylyn versions and assign bugs
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215153,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard handling
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215154,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Add additional preferences
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215155,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,fix grid options enablement
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215209,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Redesign the overview page
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215225,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,rearrange code structure
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215674,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Deletion of packages which contain references elements should be prohibited
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215713,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Deletion of packages which contain activities should be prohibited
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216518,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,enablement errors in context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216519,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,extend new workflow wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216520,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in create child/create sibling entries in context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216522,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,nullpointerexception in palette
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216795,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,JWT WE - Deserialize error
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216910,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Copyright information incorrect

Third Party Software

CQ2039, Jdom Version: 1.0 - top source only, does not include nested jar files (PB CQ14)

For the next version of the IP Log: Counting lines

Please consider the following email for creation of the next version of the JWT IP log:

How to count lines of code most easily, and correctly? You might want to consider using the "lcp" script to count lines in a patch: http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tm/development/committer_howto.php#sloccount

It counts the "+" added lines only and subtracts empty lines as well as lines that only have a comment.

You're right that removing lines also constitutes an act of creativity so even a patch that ONLY removes lines is valuable. But for the application in the tm-log.csv it's more important to count how much new copyrightable stuff comes in through the patch. And that is comprised of the "+" lines only.

The script is still not perfect in the case where existing code is only moved to a different place (leading to lots of + along with the same number of - lines, which also constitutes creativity but not necessarily new copyrightable stuff). But finding out such moves is beyond the scope of what we should do when counting lines.