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Source code of JWT

To download the source code of the various components of JWT, please connect your CVS client (typically Eclipse 3.3's CVS Browsing perspective) with:

  • Host:
  • Repository path: /cvsroot/technology
  • User: anonymous
  • Password: (none)
  • Connection type: pserver

If you have a committer account, please provide your committer data (username and password) and select as connection type extssh instead of pserver.

In this CVS repository, the source code of JWT is under the "org.eclipse.jwt" directory, which you can retrieve by doing a CVS checkout. It is laid out as follow :

  • org.eclipse.jwt/we : Workflow Editor i.e. design time tools
  • org.eclipse.jwt/wam : Workflow Audit And Monitoring i.e. runtime time tools and framework
  • org.eclipse.jwt/desktop : Simulator and other standalone BPM tools

Starting the CVS version of JWT WE

You need to have retrieved the JWT source code by checking it out from CVS, as shown above.

From this source code, import in your Eclipse 3.3 (in the Java Perspective, using right click > import existing projects) the org.eclipse.jwt/we project, as well as any other project whose features you want to try (see below).

Then right click on the "jwt-we" project and choose Run as > Eclipse application . This will launch JWT WE with all plugins that are available in the workspace.

Detailed layout and state of the CVS


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