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Title: BPMN view for the JWT Workflow Editor
Student: Ilshat Khasanov
The goal of this project is to implement the BPMN [1] view for the Workflow Editor of the
Java Workflow Tooling project [2] on top of the JWT meta-model (which should therefore be extended with JWT's aspect oriented mechanism) to provide native support of the popular BPMN standard.



The JWT Workflow Editor is designed as an extensible toolset which provides possibilities to extend the editor with additional elements and this already been shown in a UML activity diagram view and an event-driven process chain view.
As more and more developers as well as business analysts are heading towards BPMN it is only natural that there should also be an own view for BPMN in the JWT editor [3]. This will allow developers to switch between models to work with a view which they are familiar with.

Detailed Information

At the present the JWT contains modules to transform the JWT-model into BPMN and vice versa [4] but there's no view for BPMN. General idea is to use JWT's view mechanism to realize the BPMN view as an additional option to the existing views. The project can be formulated in the following steps:

1. Redesign Metamodel
a) Map JWT elements to BPMN elements where possible
b) Define additional elements through aspects (e.g. Events)
c) Extend/Refactor JWT metamodel where a) and b) are not possible

2. Extend Editor
a) Allow a flexible hierarchy of graphical (Draw2d) elements (e.g. JWT Action Figures are currently contained in Scope Figures but for should probably be contained in JWT Roles which may correspond to BPMN swimlanes). This hierarchy is determined by the editparts. Also commands for creating elements may need to be adjusted to support this structure. It would be a mapping that allows to define an arbitrary tree hierarchy for JWT elements which is then used for graphical representation, EMF commands (create child, ...), tree representation (e.g. outline view) etc.

3. Create Graphical View
a) Define visual representation of meta model elements for BPMN (Figures, Icons)
b) Allow GEF to correctly draw the visual representation (e.g. layouting of the swimlanes)



I checked out the source tree of the JWT project from CVS repository and prepared all necessary environment for further development. During the time leading up to the start of the GSoC programme I'll study the BPMN specifications, difference between BPMN 1.2 and BPMN 2, JWT metamodel and implementation of the existing views. All required information can be obtained by me from my mentor (Christian Saad) and projects' mailing list [5].


  • BPMN view for the JWT Workflow Editor (including source code)
  • Unit tests / example diagrams
  • Documentation of the project including user guides and manuals


Time Interval    Duration    Description
Apr 26 - May 24 4 weeks Community bonding; study JWT and BPMN metamodels;
study usage of aspects in JWT
May 24 - Jun 13 3 weeks Create initial BPMN view prototype*
Jun 13 - Jun 27 2 weeks Extend/Refactor JWT metamodel
Jun 27 - Jul 12 2 weeks Extend Workflow Editor
Jul 14 Mid-term evaluation
Jul 16 - Jul 26 1.5 weeks Implement visual representation of metamodel elements for BPMN
Jul 26 - Aug 6 1.5 weeks Test the project, correct bugs
Aug 6 - Aug 13 1 week Write documentaton and user manual
Aug 18 Final evaluation

* I would like to work in an iterative manner, producing a working prototype with the specified feature at the end of each milestone.


I expect one of our main issues to discuss during the project will be extending the JWT-metamodel to fit into BPMN specifications.

Contact Information

My name is Ilshat Khasanov and I'm an undergraduate CS student at Ufa State
Technical University of Aviation (Russian Federation).

I have an expirience working with Eclipse as java developer since 2006
and as Eclipse plugin developer since 2009 (DDL-generator plugin for Eclipse using DTP). Also I worked with the Eclipse's jBPM-designer plugin to create reglaments (such as security emission process) and deploy them to JBoss for the federal agency. Also I have an expirience using the web services technology in Java, XML, XSD, SVN, Maven.

Email mo.ais2010 [at]
Skype ilshat.khasanov
IM 362144694 (ICQ)




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