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JSF Tools Functional Tests

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Raghu Srinivasan (Oracle) - 18:26, 26 June 2007 (EDT)

Ian Trimble (Oracle) - 29 June 2007

Web Page Editor

  • Source Page
    • Insert various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct corresponding insertion into Design view
    • Content Assist
  • Design Page
    • Verify visual feedback
      • Higlighting (border) and tooltip for current element on mouse hover
      • Resizable marquee on element selection
      • Insertion-point caret
    • Verify selection in Design view correctly synchronizes selection in Source, Properties, and Outline views
    • Drag and drop various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct rendering, properties, etc.
    • Verify correct functionality of context menus on elements
  • Preview Page
    • Verify that preview is as expected (close to runtime experience)
    • Verify that simple EL expressions referencing resource bundles loaded via <f:loadBundle> are evaluated and replaced
  • Validation
  • Toolbar
    • Verify correct functionality of toolbar buttons, especially selection of Design, Source, or both views and horizontal and vertical split modes

Faces Config Editor

JSF Library

  • Create a new project and define one new RI and one new component library from the wizard page. Ensure both are marked to deploy.
    • Assert that you aren't allowed to create a JSF lib without at least one library
    • Assert that the two libraries appear in the classpath (navigator classpath bundles)
    • Assert that the two libraries are marked in J2EE Module Dependencies as deployed.
  • Create a new JSF library from the Windows->Preferences dialog
    • Assert that JSF library appears in Add Library list in Build Path on a project
  • Add new JSF library to project
    • Assert that library jars added to classpath
    • Assert J2EE Module Dependency exists but is not deployed by default
  • Remove JSF library from project
    • Assert that library jars removed from classpath
    • Assert that J2EE module dependency is removed
  • Change JSF library while configured on project by adding and removing jars
    • Assert that the project classpath contents change to reflect jars
  • Remove JSF library that is installed on a project
    • Assert library is still installed on existing projects
    • Assert library is no longer available on projects where not installed
  • Create a second JSF implementation library
    • Assert that only one JSF implementation can be configured on a project at once.
  • Create a project using the server-supplied library
    • Assert that the project can be created
  • Open WPE. Add a JSF library for a component not in the WPE palette. Close and re-open WPE
    • Assert that the new library's components are in the palette.
    • Assert that adding a component from this library adds the correct tag lib statement.
    • Assert that the tab lib statement is hyperlinkable to a TLD.

JSF Facet

JSF Preferences

EL Validation Preferences

  • Test validation with default preferences
    • Correct expression
    • Warning expression (i.e. member not found)
    • Error expression (i.e. Missing closing bracket)
  • Turn off all EL validation and re-validate
    • Assert all validation is gone
  • Turn on as-you-type validation and re-validate
    • Assert markers are gone outside the editor
    • Check as-you-type validation in the SSE editor
  • Turn on both validation and as-you-type and re-validate
    • Assert that markers and as-you-type is working.
  • Use Restore Defaults and re-validated
    • Assert validate markers but no as-you-type
  • Set severity on a problem with warning severity to error and revalidate
    • Assert severity changes to error
  • Set severity on a problem with error severity to ignore and revalidate
    • Assert problem goes away

FacesConfig Editor Preferences


Design-time MetaData Framework

Tag Conversion Framework

EL Symbol Framework


User Documentation

  • Help System
    • Verify "JavaServer Faces Tooling User Guide" topic is available
      • Verify all page contents for accuracy
      • Verify all links are functional and correct

Developer Documentation

  • Help System
    • Verify "JavaServer Faces Tooling Developer Guide" topic is available
      • Verify all page contents for accuracy
      • Verify all links are functional and correct

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