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JSF Tools Functional Tests

Revision as of 13:25, 29 June 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (User Documentation)

Updates: 18:26, 26 June 2007 (EDT)

Ian Trimble (Oracle) 29 June 2007

Web Page Editor

  • Source Page
    • Insert various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct corresponding insertion into Design view
    • Content Assist
  • Design Page
    • Verify visual feedback
      • Higlighting and tooltip for current element on mouse hover
      • Resizable marquee on element selection
      • Insertion-point caret
    • Verify selection in Design view correctly synchronizes selection in Source, Properties, and Outline views
    • Drag and drop various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct rendering, properties, etc.
    • Verify correct functionality of context menus on elements
  • Preview Page
    • Verify that preview is as expected (close to runtime experience)
    • Verify that simple EL expressions referencing resource bundles loaded via <f:loadBundle> are evaluated and replaced
  • Validation
  • Toolbar
    • Verify correct functionality of toolbar buttons, especially selection of Design, Source, or both views and horizontal and vertical split modes

Faces Config Editor

JSF Library

JSF Facet

JSF Preferences

EL Validation Preferences

  • Test validation with default preferences
    • Correct expression
    • Warning expression (i.e. member not found)
    • Error expression (i.e. Missing closing bracket)
  • Turn off all EL validation and re-validate
    • Assert all validation is gone
  • Turn on as-you-type validation and re-validate
    • Assert markers are gone outside the editor
    • Check as-you-type validation in the SSE editor
  • Turn on both validation and as-you-type and re-validate
    • Assert that markers and as-you-type is working.
  • Use Restore Defaults and re-validated
    • Assert validate markers but no as-you-type
  • Set severity on a problem with warning severity to error and revalidate
    • Assert severity changes to error
  • Set severity on a problem with error severity to ignore and revalidate
    • Assert problem goes away


Design-time MetaData Framework

Tag Conversion Framework

EL Symbol Framework


User Documentation

  • Help System
    • Verify "JavaServer Faces Tooling User Guide" topic is available
      • Verify page content
      • Verify links are functional and correct

Developer Documentation

  • Help System
    • Verify "JavaServer Faces Tooling Developer Guide" topic is available

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