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JSF Tools Functional Tests

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Web Page Editor

  • Source Page
    • Insert various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct corresponding insertion into Design view
    • Content Assist
  • Design Page
    • Verify visual feedback
      • Higlighting and tooltip for current element on mouse hover
      • Resizable marquee on element selection
      • Insertion-point caret
    • Verify selection in Design view correctly synchronizes selection in Source, Properties, and Outline views
    • Drag and drop various JSF Core and JSF HTML tags and verify correct rendering, properties, etc.
    • Verify correct functionality of context menus on elements
  • Preview Page
    • Verify that preview is as expected (close to runtime experience)
    • Verify that simple EL expressions referencing resource bundles loaded via <f:loadBundle> are evaluated and replaced
  • Validation
  • Toolbar
    • Verify correct functionality of toolbar buttons, especially selection of Design, Source, or both views and horizontal and vertical split modes

Faces Config Editor

JSF Library

JSF Facet

JSF Preferences


Design-time MetaData Framework

Tag Conversion Framework

EL Symbol Framework


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