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JSF GUITest Setup

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Install Eclipse

  1. Download Eclipse, WTP and all the standard dependencies.
  2. Unzip into a destination folder of your choice. We will assume C:\Eclipse.

Install TPTP

3) Download TPTP 4) Unzip into C:\Eclipse and start it. 5) Enable the TPTP plug-ins if they aren’t by default by going to Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration, enable the "Show Disabled Features" tool bar button and right-clicking on the TPTP

Install the Agent Controller 6) Download the Agent Controller here. (You will need to scroll down half the page.) 7) Install according to the directions (Installation Guide, Getting Started)

Install the Automated GUI Recording (AGR) Utility 8) Download the Automated GUI Recorder here. 9) Unzip into C:\Automated Testing

Enable the AGR Testing Utility 10) Enable the Automated GUI Recorder (Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration) 11) In the dialog that shows up (Product Configuration), make sure you can see disabled features. (Make sure that the third toggle button in the toolbar is enabled) 12) Right click “Eclipse Workbench Testing Feature <version>” -> Enable 13) Right click “TPTP Automated GUI Recording and Playback <version>” -> Enable