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JSF GUITest Setup

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Download Eclipse Requirements

  1. Download Eclipse, WTP and all the standard dependencies.
  2. Download TPTP
  3. Download the Agent Controller. (You will need to scroll down half the page.)
  4. Download the Automated GUI Recorder
  5. Abbot for Eclipse 1.0rc1.
  6. Unzip all except the agent controller into a destination folder of choice. We will assume C:\Eclipse.

Install the Agent Controller

(Note: this need only be done once unless the version of TPTP in use changes)

  1. Install according to the directions (Installation Guide, Getting Started).

Download Test Plugin Dependencies

  1. A JSF runtime (files needed are jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar).
  2. The JSTL implementation jar needed for the runtime (file needed is jstl-1.2.jar).

Setup the test plugin

  1. Please the dependency jars into "C:\downloads" (note: in future this will be made environment relative, but for now, must be this directory

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