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JSF Facelets Tools Project


The JSF Facelets Tools project will enable the current features of the JSF Tools Project in a dynamic web project for Facelets. Since Facelets is not part of the current JSF specification, this work is being done as an incubating project under WTP. The project proposal has additional information.

Project Status

The first milestone build of the project is planned to be available by the end of June, 2008

Useful links

How to do I get it?

A regular Eclipse download will be available shortly after the release of Eclipe 3.4. In the meantime, you can get the following plugins from CVS:

org.eclipse.jst.facelet.core org.eclipse.jst.facelet.ui org.eclipse.jst.facelet.tagsupport


Host: dev.eclipse.org Repository path: /cvsroot/webtools Connection Type: pserver User: anonymous

To find the plugins, from the repository go to: