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JSF 2007 02 12

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JSF Monthly Status Meeting Minutes: 2007-02-12


  • Raghu Srinivasan(Oracle)
  • Cameron Bateman (Oracle)
  • Gerry Kessler (Oracle)
  • Ian Trimble (Oracle)
  • Robert Gallagher (IBM)
  • David Williams (IBM)


  1. WTP 2.0-JSF Release planning
  2. EclipseCon
  3. Graduation review scheduled for Feb 28
    • Review to exit the incubation phase.
    • Details to follow.


  1. Status Update
    • [Raghu]-Working on features towards M5(EclipseCon) milestone build
      • Focus is on improving the usability of the Visual Page Designer
      • Support for design-time rendering of Tomahawk components and JSF Facet 1.2 deferred to M6 milestone
      • Released the first iteration of the Metadata Framework. Detailed note on the design to follow.
      • Working to move existing VPD metadata to the new framework. Goal is to have one unified Metadata model.
      • Working on a framework for the design-time JSF-JSP tag converter. Goal is to make it easy to contribute tag converters for other JSF-JSP tags.
  2. Feedback
    • [Bob Gallagher]-It would be desirable to refactor features that are not related to JSF UI down to the WTP level. This will help adoption of features like content assist.
      • [Raghu]-This is the desired goal. However, it is not planned for this release. Please log a request in the bugzilla. Contributions welcome.