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JSDT Debug
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The JSDT debug project brings a variety of JavaScript debugging support to the JSDT using a common UI and communicating using a common protocol - JavaScript Debug Interface (JSDI). The common interface for the debugger emulates that of the platform and JDT debugger to allow a smooth transition and ease of use for the JSDT debugger.

Currently we have debugging support for Rhino and an incubation version of Crossfire / Firebug support.


The entire JSDT debugger is comprised of several bundles:

All of the bundles required for development of the JSDT debugger can be acquired using the team project set file here.


JSDT Debug follows directly the project plan for JSDT.


Using the Crossfire Debugger

An alternative debugger that interacts with Firebug using Crossfire is under development. This page describes how to try and get the experimental version of the debugger up and running.

Using the Google Chrome Debugger

Another alternative debugger that can be tested is using v8 for Google Chrome. This page describes how to try and get the experimental version up and running.


JavaScript Debug Interface (JSDI)

The JSDI is used to provide a common way for our models and UI to communicate with a variety of debugger back-ends - write one UI + model and provide additional debuggers. The complete specification for the JSDI can be found here.