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(Bug Fixes)
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= Bug Fixes =
= Bug Fixes =
[ 12 Bugs and 6 enhancement requests] were closed
[ 13 Bugs and 6 enhancement requests] were closed
= Contributors =
= Contributors =

Revision as of 05:38, 17 December 2013


  • Interactive rebase
  • Support for rebase.autostash
  • Add recursive variant of Config.getNames() methods


  • Added the git-describe implementation

Command Line

  • status command supports --porcelain
  • fetch command supports --tags
  • added describe command
  • list all supported formats in archive command's help
  • add support for --version

Build and Release Engineering

  • Updated Jetty to 7.6.14.v20131031
  • Updated to Ant 1.9.2
  • Introduced Kepler and Luna target platform
  • Updated build to use Tycho 0.19

Bug Fixes

13 Bugs and 6 enhancement requests were closed


The following 15 developers worked on this release of JGit:

Axel Richard, Christian Halstrick, Colby Ranger, John Ross, Jonathan Nieder, Kaloyan Raev, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Matthias Sohn, Michael Nelson, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Rüdiger Herrmann, Shawn Pearce, Stefan Lay, Tobias Pfeifer, Tomasz Zarna

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