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JGit/New and Noteworthy/2.0

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New Porcelain Commands


  • Provides applying the changes in a stashed commit to the local working directory and index


  • Provides support to stash the index and working directory changes in a commit stored in refs/stash


  • Provides support for dropping a stashed commit


  • Provides applying patches on a git index file and a working tree.

Updated Porcelain Commands


  • Supports autosetuprebase


  • Supports "all paths" option. This will perform the equivalent of running a git checkout -- . at the root of a repository

Other Features

  • Support for git configuration parameters url.insteadOf and url.pushInsteadOf supporting URL rewriting, e.g.
  [url "mirror1.example.org:/pub/git/"]
    insteadOf = mirror1.example.org:/pub/git/core/
  • Support to write tests with git command line syntax
  • Enable large file support to add files with size over 2 GB.
  • DirCheckout now validates paths to detect malformed, potentially malicious tree entries
  • Add --all switch to jgit command line interface
  • Add config --list command to jgit command line interface
  • core.autocrlf support fixed, it defaults to false but is no longer set explicitly when a new repository is created
  • Cleaned up exceptions in org.eclipse.jgit.api, see bug 366914
  • Clirr API change report listing API changes between 1.3 and 2.0 will be published on the JGit download page

Performance improvements

  • Performance of reading git configuration files was improved
  • Handling of smudged index entries was improved in order to improve git index performance

Bug Fixes

20 Bugs and 8 enhancement requests were closed