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JFace Data Binding/Wiki Guidelines

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The articles contained at and under JFace Data Binding create the core documentation for the project. This article will provide guidelines for structing the documentation for the project.

Who Can Edit

Anyone is welcome to edit the articles for JFace Data Binding. Feel free to fix typos, clean up confusing text, or write new articles. If contributing a large amount of documentation it might be a good idea to log a bug letting us know of the contribution. This is not a requirement but it will help us ensure that the message is consistent and that we're keeping the structure of the site consistent.


Articles that document core concepts, code, policy, or procedure of the JFace Data Binding project should be subpages of the main article JFace Data Binding. In order to create a subpage append a '/' and then the new article name to the URL of the main page. MediaWiki will handle the rest. This will place a link at the top of the article back to the main article providing context. Not all articles need to be children of the main as a structured hierarchy isn't always an option (i.e. contributed tutorials, documentation of observables for a different project, etc.). If creating such a page you might want to consider adding the "Data Binding" category to the page.


Any page related to the concept of data binding in general should be added to the Data Binding category. To do this add the following to the article...

 [[Category:Data Binding]]

The category will allow for documents that aren't necessarilly part of the core documentation, or part of the article hierarchy, to be aggregated.