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[[Category:Data Binding]][[Category:Snippets]]
[[Category:Data Binding]][[Category:Snippets]]
* [ ComputedList and Combo] - Filter the elements in one viewer based on the selection in another
* [ ComputedList and Combo] - Filter the elements in one viewer based on the selection in another
* [ ComboViewer and Java enum] - Demonstrates binding the list of a ComboViewer to the values of an enum and the selected value to a simple model property.
=== Running the Snippets ===
=== Running the Snippets ===

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JFace Data Binding
How to Contribute

Snippets show how common use cases can be implemented using the JFace Data Binding framework. They are typically a single self-contained Java class with a main method. See the bottom of this page for instructions on how to get and run the snippets.



  • Wizard Dialog - Shows how to use data binding in a wizard dialog so that validation results are displayed in the dialog's title area


  • Spreadsheet - fills a Table updating cells upon change
  • Name Formatter - observable value that updates when the first or last name changes


Master Detail



Running the Snippets

A great way to learn is to look at concrete examples that you can run and experiment with. You can copy any of the snippets (see below) into a scratch project within Eclipse, or using CVS, check out the complete examples project. Just open the CVS Perspective (Window > Open Perspective > CVS) and add a new Repository Location (File > New > Other > CVS > CVS Repository Location). When done, your settings should look like this:


Expand the HEAD branch and browse for org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding. You can check out the plug-in [RMB: Check out] into your Workspace as a new project.

When checked out, you'll find the examples under org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding.snippets. Most of the examples provide a main method, you can run it as a Java Application to see what happens.

If you are copying single snippets into a scratch project, make sure that it is set up with the correct dependencies. You will need org.eclipse.core.databinding, org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans, and org.eclipse.jface.databinding.

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