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JFace Data Binding/Rhino


The goal of JFace Data Binding/Rhino is to support bindings to Rhino Javascript Scriptable Object. See (for the moment) TK-UI SVN but we are discussing with the Eclipse Team on where it can be made available.


Take a simple example. Imagine you have this script :

function Person(name) {
  this.name = name

var person = new Person('Simon')

And you wish bind the property 'name' of the scriptable object person with SWT Text.


On load form page, SWT Text has 'Simon' value. When user type 'Boris' into SWT Text, it update property 'name' of the scriptable object person with 'Boris' value.


Like another JFace Databinding implementations (SWT, Beans, Pojo...), Rhino bindings project give you several JFace IObservableValue and IObservableList Rhino implementations accessible via the IObservable factory org.eclipse.core.databinding.rhino.RhinoObservables.

Why JFace Rhino Databinding?

E4 project