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JFace Data Binding/Conference Call Agenda 2007 11

Data binding conference call on November 14, 2007

Time: 12:00 EST Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Duration: 60 minutes

To call in, dial +1 866-842-3549 (or alternatively: +1 613-787-5018), then enter the conference ID: 8864297#

Participants: Boris Bokowski, Tom Schindl, Matt Carter, Kevin McGuire, Peter Centgraf, Matthew Hall, Dave Orme, Brad Reynolds


  • Short introduction (I would like to get to know new people a little --- Boris)
  • List of open bugs we want to tackle for M4, and 3.4 in general (Need this to focus my scarce time on the important issues -- Boris)
  • How to improve documentation
  • ...

Please add more items as appropriate.