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====JET Transforms / Wizards====
====JET Transforms / Wizards====
* [[Image:Glass.gif]] .releng project
* [[Image:Glass.gif]] .releng project
* [[Image:Glass.gif]] .test feature/plugin
* [[Image:Progress.gif]] .test feature/plugin
* [[Image:Ok_green.gif]] .examples feature/plugin
* [[Image:Ok_green.gif]] .examples feature/plugin
* [[Image:Glass.gif]] .sdk feature
* [[Image:Glass.gif]] .sdk feature

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Starting a new project requires a lot of common code & meta data. For example: (1) .doc plug-ins/features, (2) .examples plug-ins/features, (3) .test examples/features, (4) .sdk feature, (5) .releng project.

Being able to generate these things from JET templates via wizards would make it much easier to get a project up and running. Such is the aim of this project.

This project is part of 2008 Google Summer of Code.


  • Student: Michael Robb
  • Mentor: Nick Boldt



Glass.gif Needs some investigation/research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added

JET Transforms / Wizards

  • Glass.gif .releng project
  • Progress.gif .test feature/plugin
  • Ok green.gif .examples feature/plugin
  • Glass.gif .sdk feature
  • Glass.gif .runtime feature
  • Glass.gif .doc feature/plugin (including sources & javadoc)

Generic JET-based wizard framework

as per Philippe's suggestion: A general purpose, extensible Sample project wizard, to create new samples for a language and a framework... Think the new PDE plugin wizard (but general purpose) and based on JET.

The basic just with a few extension markup to be able to:

  • present the title and description for the sample
  • create a new project for the correct natures
  • copy the sample files
  • optionally process them through Jet based on input of extra custom pages

Getting the source

ViewVC: http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/org.eclipse.soc/athena/?root=Technology_Project


  • Repository: :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/technology
  • Module: /org.eclipse.soc/athena/