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JET FAQ Can JET handle UML models as input?

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Can JET load and traverse UML2 models?


UML2 Models (.uml, .uml2 or Rational Software Architect .emx files) are EMF-based models. So, yes, JET can read them. Here are some tips for doing it:

  1. Open plugin.xml on your JET transformation, switch the the Extensions tab, expand 'org.eclipse.jet.transform', click '(transform)', and set the modelLoader field to 'org.eclipse.jet.emf'.
  2. JET cannot access stereotypes or steroetype properties. If you need, custom XPath functions could be created to access these.
  3. The UML2 meta model is very large, and I find most users are not intimately familiar with the navigation features. JET has a special XPath enhancement to make life a little easier. An XPath step such as $parent/foo is interpreted as "the contents of the EReference named 'foo' on the object identified by $parent". But, if there is no 'foo' feature, JET will then attempt to find a contained class of $parent (i.e. something in eContents()) whose eClass name is 'foo'. So, the following are equivalent:
/contents/nestedPackages/ownedTypes[@name = 'Person']/ownedAttributes[@name = 'address']/type/@name

/Model/Package/Class[@name = 'Person']/Property[@name = 'address']/type/@name

Note: From the API generated by Ecore, you're used to pluralized getters if a feature has multiplicity *. A beginner's trap is to use pluralized names in XPath expressions too. Here you need to use the actual feature name. So the above example won't work. It should be "nestedPackage" "ownedType", etc.

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