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JEE Status Meetings/2009-07-23



Proposed Scenarios 

  • Select projects (add/remove)
  • Select jars (or other resources) inside the workspace (add/remove)
  • Select jars (or other resources) outside the workspace (add/remove)
  • Editing the deployment path/archive name

Action Items

Content of the Module Dependency Page (Note that this is focused at EAR module assembly)

Update on Rob's latest work
  • Rob reduced the number of columns to 2
  • The UI can now change deploy path *and* archiveName in the descriptor component.xml file
  • Both deploy path and archive name are editable in column 0 in the editor as one path, which is then separated during the operations
  • Rob has not added UI for adding wb-resource elements as there was no general consensus on whether this is a desired feature
  • Rob has not migrated the buttons into a multi-page wizard yet as there was no clear agreement on what should go into it
  • Current screenshot or here
Classpath entries
  • Leveraging the JDT UI (is it possible yet?)

Tangential Topics
  • What is single root structure? 279360 282512
  • possible selection of basic vs. flexible
  • Allow virtual archive component's runtimePath member var to be used again 276825
  • Allow extension point to turn handle uri's into IVirtualReferences instead of StructureEdit having only 3 types hard-coded 282269
  • Clarifying javadoc for IVirtualComponent.getName() and IVirtualComponent.getDeployedName()
    • suggestion: Deprecate getName(), replace with getId()
    • clarify getDeployedName() should / should not include the extension
  • Excessive complexity in JEE Tools' models and possible solutions 282830
    • Summary: More "references" should be stored in component.xml, not invented by *VirtualComponent or J?EEFlexProjDeployable
    • Virtual Component and Deployable can both be super-thin wrappers, not lose functionality


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