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JEE Status Meetings/2009-06-18



Content of the Module Dependency Page

  • Cosmetic
    • Two column vs three column
      • 2 column would be [icon] Identifier, Deploy Path
      • 3 column would be [icon] Identifier, Deploy Path, More Info (full path)
    • Getting acceptable strings for column 0
      • This could require functionally similar results from the API for all virtual components?
    • Same requirements for column 2 (right-side)
      • The goal here would be so that the UI doesn't have to check a million conditions to see if it's an archive, if it's binary, etc, before getting a String to display
    • Icons on the left, but how many types of component are there?
      • How many different types of virtual component are there? Not how many classes, as anyone can make their own component type, but how many TYPES? From what I can see there's only lib, var, classpath, and project type. Are there any more?
        • Must identify the API's that tell us what these types are
    • Do we even show unmovable jars?
      • If this page is meant to be a component xml file editor of sorts, physically added files do not belong (since they are not referenced in the xml file)
    • Ironing out the buttons
      • Option A: just 2
        • Add Entry...  : Remove Entry
          • Add Entry... opens a multi-page wizard (extendable via points)
          • Remove Entry offers to remove the entry
      • Option B: Three
        • Add Project..., Advanced..., Remove Entry
      • Option C: More than 3
        • Add Project... Add Jar... Add External Jar... Advanced... Remove Entry, Kitchen Sink...
  • Content
    • Currently (my) page only holds IVirtualComponent objects inside the viewer. I assume anything returned from Advanced... or a button must be an IVirtualComponent. The references are created at the end during performOK.
  • Functionality
    • Can the advanced button multi-page wizard also perform operations relevent to the module and return null to signify no addition is needed? For example, changing library directory? ;)
    • Should the table (first column) be able modify the archiveName attribute in the component.xml? See bug
      • If yes, this makes the issue of having the first column not just show some identifier but rather some actual jar / ear / war name (see 276825)
  • Classpath entries
    • Leveraging the JDT UI (is it possible yet?)
  • Tangential Topics
    • What is single root structure? Bug 279360


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