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JEE Status Meetings/2009-06-11

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  1. 277482 Java EE module classpath - Placeholder


1) Visibility of Ear contents within Project Explorer (binary modules that are not deployed are not shown)

2) Java EE Module Dependencies page - 276463 - doesn't show (or allow user to edit) the deploy path (lib folder check box is insufficient)

3) Add jar - does it do anything?

4) Add external jar - only says it suffers from 2)

5) Classpath variable entries - 279360 - doesn't allow specification of the deploy path, doesn't seem to work for publish (but kind of works for export)

6) The second checkbox that appears first appears in the left column, then moves itself over after 2 seconds to column 3.

7) Scenario: Create a source folder in a project that has test code (which should not be deployed) - need a way to exclude folders from deployment in component file

8) 279386 - Modules in EAR's lib directory should not be unselectable, even with "deselect all"


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