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JEE Status Meetings/2008-09-25



  1. Discuss important 3.0.3 bugs
    • 241507 No notification from JEEModelProvider after calling JEE5ModelProvider.modify
    • 237770 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during annotation inspection
    • 223211 No notifications after Generating DD Stub for EJB3ModelProvider
    • 223656 No EJB3ModelProvider notification after EjbClientJarCreationOperation
  2. Bugs waiting for review
    • 182477 [validation] Warning when a transient field is defined in the session bean
    • 183544 [validation]The validation of the business method might not be invoked.
    • 183545 [validation] In the case of Message-driven Bean with EJB2.0 deployment descriptor, necessary methods definitions are not checked.


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