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(DOM AST node changes in JLS8)
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   +types: List<Type>
   +types: List<Type>
= TODOs =
* 'default' flag:
** show in the UI?
** update JdtFlags?

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This page tracks the work in progress to add Java™ 8 support (mainly jsr308 "Type Annotations" and jsr335 "Lambda Expressions") into Eclipse JDT UI. See JDT Core/Java8 for the work in the JDT Core plug-ins.


  • The following lines should be added in all headers of modified files for Java™ 8 implementation:
 * This is an implementation of an early-draft specification developed under the Java
 * Community Process (JCP) and is made available for testing and evaluation purposes
 * only. The code is not compatible with any specification of the JCP.

DOM AST node changes in JLS8

If everything is correct, then you should find these as references to ASTNode#unsupportedIn2_3_4() and #supportedOnlyIn2_3_4().

+AnnotatableType (abstract superclass):
  +annotations: List<Annotation> (also in subtypes PrimitiveType, ArrayType, SimpleType, QualifiedType, WildcardType)

  +annotations: List<Annotation>

  +parentheses: boolean
  +parameters: List<SingleVariableDeclaration> or List<VariableDeclarationFragment>
  +body: Block or Expression
  +resolveMethodBinding(): IMethodBinding

  +extraDimensions: List<ExtraDimension> (incl. annotations on extra dimensions)
  +receiverType: AnnotatableType
  +receiverQualifier: SimpleName
  -thrownExceptions: List<Name>
  +thrownExceptionTypes: List<Type>

  +varargsAnnotations: List<Annotation>

  +annotations: List<Annotation>

  +extraDimensions List<ExtraDimension> (also in subtypes SingleVariableDeclaration, VariableDeclarationFragment)

For JLS4, the changes were:

  +resources: List<VariableDeclarationExpression>

  +types: List<Type>


  • 'default' flag:
    • show in the UI?
    • update JdtFlags?